Oral Presentations

SBB 2021 accepts abstracts of original research and review articles within, but not limited to, the following topics:

  1. Genome design, synthesis & evolution
  2. CRISPR-Cas9
  3. Yeast genome editing
  4. Synthetic biology for human health
  5. Engineering multicellular system
  6. Pathway synthesis
  7. sgRNA design
  8. ssDNA synthesis
  9. Plant synthetic biology
  10. Engineering microbiomes
  11. Mammalian cell genome editing
  12. Genome writing
  13. Biomolecule Design, Engineering & Evolution
  14. Synthetic biology for COVID-19
  15. Biosensors
  16. Evolutionary Engineering
  17. Biological Design Principles
  18. Artificial gene synthesis
  19. Gene therapy
  20. Engineering of biological pathways and circuits
  21. Biosafety of synthetic genes
  22. Genetic engineering and biotechnology
  23. Synthetic biology: industry perspective
  24. Bioengineering Cells and Organs in Disease
  25. Immune Cell Engineering
  26. Software tools for analysis, simulation, and design
  27. Design,analysis verification methods for synthetic biology
  28. Synthetic biology and in vitro evolution
  29. Synthetic Therapeutics: Eukaryotic Cells, Bacteria and Virus
  30. Agronomy
  31. Biofertilizers
  32. Biopesticides
  33. Genetically modified plants
  34. Food Science
  35. Gut bacteria improvement
  36. Fermentation technique and technology
  37. Crops and Food processing
  38. Probiotics and prebiotics
  39. Neurophysiology
  40. Cellular and systems physiology
  41. Intra- and intercellular signalling
  42. Genetics and developmental biology
  43. Pharmacology
  44. Cellular pathology and immunology
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  1. Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences (Indexed by Scopus)
  2. Bioinformatics and Biomedical Journal
  3. Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology Journal
  4. Indonesian Journal of Medical Sciences and Public Health

International Proceeding Publications:
  1. IOP Proceeding (Indexed by Scopus)
  2. NST Proceeding (Indexed by Google Sholar, Garuda, DOI)