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We are pleased to invite you to the 1st Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology (SBB) Conference. The conference will include presentation from the keynote speakers, BIOS competition, lightning talks, discussions in parallel sessions, presentation of original research results related to but not limited to synthetic biology, system biology, bioengineering and biotechnology.

Publication output :

Selected papers will be published in :
International Journals :

(Payment only after being accepted. Fees include proofreading, layouting, quality control, communication and collective payment to the journals)

  1. Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences (Indexed by Scopus): IDR 15,000K (USD 1,100)
  2. Bioinformatics and Biomedical Journal: IDR 1,000K (USD 70)
  3. Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology Journal: IDR 500K (USD 36)
  4. Indonesian Journal of Medical Sciences and Public Health: IDR 1,000K (USD 70)

International Proceeding Publications:
  1. IOP Proceeding (Indexed by Scopus): IDR 2,500K (USD 180)
  2. NST Proceeding (Indexed by Google Sholar, Garuda, DOI): IDR 600K (USD 42)

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